About us

We must go back to around 1950 to find the beginnings of Balancins Gelabert, when my grandfather Pep set up his own workshop and learned the craft of making Mallorcan rocking chairs.

A few years later, my father, Miquel, started as an assistant in the workshop and learned the technique that his father had started. After a while, my grandfather Pep got sick and my father and his brother took charge of the workshop until the day came when the two brothers followed different paths. My father was the one who continued the trade in the same workshop.

The third generation came when, very young and during the summers, I began to help my father in the workshop and to learn the techniques that had been transmitted in the last 50 years. In this way, we have followed the same production process that my grandfather began and we have maintained the inverted curve technique as Balancins Gelabert’s own hallmark.